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Reason 8

There’s nothing quite like a visit to Bull Taco. These unassuming taco joints (three in the area) are distinctly unique. They absolutely nail the idea of “Inauthentic Mexican,” through their eclectic menu, which utilizes local fisherman and world-wide meat purveyors alike.

You can’t miss with menu staples like pork, duck and fish-of-the-day tacos. If you’re up for it, go adventurous with oxtail, rattlesnake, caribou, kangaroo or a dozen other exotic meats.

Experience Bull Taco for yourself at our finish line, where all athletes will be served a tasty taco trio — no stale bagels here!

If you’re in the neighborhood, join us at the San Clemente location for FREE TACOS on Tuesday, October 8 between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Registered participants will receive a three taco plate absolutely free of charge. Simply check-in with Life Time staff on-site.

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